Support Options

Direct Access Consultancy

Short, urgent consultation, normally between 1-5 Hours for:

  • Quick questions related to product or equipment compliance
  • Reviewing compliance documents such as test report and Declarations of Conformity
  • Help with UKCA responsibilities where currently CE Marking

Consultancy time can be purchased by the hour in our shop.

Quoted Consultancy

Medium to large, generally fixed price fixed scope consultancy for:

  • Confirming legislation and responsibilities
  • Identifying most appropriate standards for use in demonstrating compliance.
  • Carrying out an inspection/assessment against applicable requirements, providing a detailed report including recommendations on corrective actions/following steps, supplying template Declarations
  • Carrying out PUWER or DSEAR on site assessments
  • Reviewing Technical files, commenting on content and completeness.

Hourly chargeable consultancy

Open ended or capped contracts for:

  • Providing ongoing ad-hoc support in relation to compliance matters
  • Follow up after a project to assist in its completion
  • Acting as a compliance officer where internal resourcing is an issue


  • Standard content courses focusing on general and specific requirements/Directives
  • Courses tailored to suit customer requirements

Find out more on our Training page.

Authorised Representative

  • Acting as EU Authorised Representative as required under the Market Surveillance Regulation
  • Acting as UK Authorised Representative where required.
  • Acting as UK Responsible person to allow certain goods to be placed on the UK Market.

Find out more on our Authorised Representative Services website: Authorised Rep Compliance Ltd.