CE Marking and UKCA Marking

Our Offer to you:

We will help you to comply with UKCA and CE marking requirements including :

  • Creating UKCA and CE Declarations of Conformity
  • Identifying the correct legislation and standards which are applicable to your product/s
  • Ensuring your technical file adequately shows compliance of your product/s
  • Specifying the tests required by the standards
  • Following the correct conformity assessment and certification procedure

UKCA Marking

Update: CE Marking extended indefinitely for all EU regulations and directives except for Construction Products Regulation (CPR).

UKCA is no longer mandatory, but does remain an alternative to CE marking for Construction Products in the UK.

History of UKCA Marking

In January 2021, as a result of Brexit the UK left the EU and UKCA marking was introduced.

Currently the process is almost a mirror of the EU CE Marking process i.e., the same Directives, Regulations and Standards are employed, however over time this may change as the UK introduces its own regulations.

Changes which were applicable from 1st January 2023, now extended to 1st January 2025 are:

  • The UKCA logo

Common Approach

The common approach for both UKCA marking and CE marking is one of self-assessment. This is acceptable under most Regulations and Directives unless your product requires the involvement of an UK Approved body or EU Notified body

The process is generally as follows:

  1. Determine all the applicable Directives and Regulations;
  2. Identify suitable harmonised standards
  3. Assess and ensure compliance with the both the above
  4. Compile a Technical construction File to demonstrate compliance
  5. Prepare and provide the Declaration of Conformity and the CE/UKCA Marking Label
  6. Monitor for changes in legislation including new/revised standards, Directives and Regulations

CE Marking

CE Marking applies to a wide variety of products and equipment across many different markets where it is made available or put into service in the EU.

There are over 20 CE Marking Directives and Regulations published by the European Commission.

If your product is within scope of one or more of these Directives and Regulations then you need to carry out the following:

  • Ensure the product is compliant with the relevant essential requirements.
  • Create a technical file containing all relevant technical documentation.
  • Affix the CE mark
  • Supply an appropriate Declaration of Conformity (or Declaration of Performance) with your product

Our consultants are experts in the following Legislation:

Other areas of expertise:

  • You will need to mark your products with the CE logo

Declaration of Conformity Templates are available to purchase from our shop here: Declaration of Conformity Templates for CE Marking.