2025 UKCA Compliance Deadline: Construction Product Regulations

As the deadline of July 1st, 2025, approaches—having been revised twice—the emphasis remains sharply on Construction Products Regulation (CPR) products regarding compliance with the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking. This specified deadline distinguishes CPR products from the broader array of goods for which the CE mark remains acceptable in the UK market post-Brexit. The UK government’s directive for these construction-related products to comply with UKCA standards by the 2025 deadline underscores a targeted approach to ensuring the highest levels of safety and performance, amidst a more lenient stance on other product categories.

This focused requirement on CPR products signals an urgent call to action for those in the construction industry, aligning with the rigorous safety measures outlined in the Building Safety Act. Companies dealing in CPR products must now accelerate their efforts towards achieving UKCA compliance to guarantee their products’ legality in the UK market post-deadline. Engaging thoroughly with the UKCA marking procedures and initiating the certification process well in advance is crucial for compliance readiness.

Given the distinct challenges presented by this regulatory focus on construction products, specialized consultancy and support services become invaluable. Product Compliance Support, specializes in providing detailed guidance and support for navigating the complexities of UKCA and CE marking specifically for construction products. Additionally, for those requiring representation across Europe and the UK, our partner company, Authorised Rep Compliance offers vital services to ensure regulatory adherence and smooth market access. Availing of such expert assistance is pivotal for companies striving to meet the stringent requirements set for CPR products and secure their market position as the 2025 deadline nears.