New legislation for UKCA marking to be introduced

The UK government is to introduce new legislation for products and goods that have already been tested and already carry the CE Mark in attempt to reduce the burden businesses are facing in meeting the requirements of UKCA marking for products manufactured and imported into Great Britain.

The cost of re-testing and certifying products meet the standards for UKCA marking is proving difficult for many businesses, so the legislation is to be brought forward before the end of 2022 and will apply tp products that have already been tested and meet EU standards. The legislation will state that any conformity assessment activities undertaken by EU bodies before the end of 2022 will be considered as the basis for UKCA marking next year.

This means that products and goods manufactured outside the UK but already carry the CE mark won’t need re-testing in order to carry the UKCA mark and will still be able to be imported and sold in the UK without the need to go through the costly process of re-testing. The move should help to maintain the supply of products and goods into the UK.

For companies importing spare parts, they will still be able to import parts, as long as the the parts comply with the same requirements of the original products the parts are being used to maintain or replace.

Additional easing of labelling requirements will also allow important information and other UKCA markings to be added to goods and products by means of an accompanying document or sticky label.