Northern Ireland EU customs database imminent

Part of the proposal during the Brexit negotiations, and introduced to circumvent the Northern Ireland border problems was for the UK to provide the EU with equipment and facilities to access detailed information about the movement of goods between the British mainland and Northern Ireland.

This is now due to be resolved with the introduction of a new database developed by UK customs which will enable EU officials based in Northern Ireland to be able to tap into customs information for any specific consignment entering Northern Ireland.

The officials will be able to determine the who is responsible for transporting any consignment, what is being transported and it’s likelihood to end up in it’s proposed destination.

The protocol had originally agreed to give EU officials access to five named databases, but the database now being rolled out by UK customs is actually an amalgamation of the five databases. These databases are the customs declaration service, import control system for NI, the goods vehicle movement services, the new computerised transit system for NI and the freight targeting system.

The database will help to reduce the risk of goods that don’t meet EU standards and don’t carry a CE Mark, entering the EU market. This is absolutely key for the EU as there is essentially an open border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the EU on the Island of Ireland.

The database may solve the technical issues, but one particular argument promises to rumble on regarding the need at all for companies operating in Northern Ireland and selling goods produced in the UK to have to meet any requirements set out by the EU as other companies in the rest of the UK are not subject to costly and time consuming paperwork.

A Trusted Trader Scheme (TSS) has sought to reduce the burden on companies by introducing green and red lanes, The green lanes to be used by those “Trusted Traders” with a proven track record of reliable record keeping and ensuring goods end up at their intended destination.

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