UK Bonfire of EU Laws: Update

On the 31st December 2023, Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, is due to become law. The Bill proposed by Jacob Rees-Mogg during the 2022-23 UK parliament session, originally proposed a blanket scrapping of all EU laws present on the UK statute books.

However, due to many concerns raised by a wide variety of organisations and sections of public society, the original proposal to axe up to 4000 pieces of legislation has now been scaled down to approximately 800 for the time being.

Groups who had put forward their objections included not least the EU itself, but others included unions, environmental groups, and businesses.

It is the responsibility of each government department to review any UK law that might be affected by the bill and can flag up laws which may need further consideration. The final deadline for decisions in December 2026. Any, laws that are not

The UK Government says many of the laws have now become irrelevant to life and business in the UK. The laws still in line for being axed include laws relating to fisheries, environmental habitats and financial tax agreements with the Channel Islands and Caribbean Countries, as well as equal pay for men and women, compensation for delayed flights and animal testing.

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