UK extends sticky label rules for UKCA and CE Marking

The UK Governement have recently updated the regulations regarding the application of the CE and UKCA conformity markings. The permission to use adhesive labels indefinitely for these markings, which was about to expire, has now been extended until at least the 31st of December, 2027.

In addition, the government has clarified that any conformity assessments of products made before the 31st of December, 2024, will remain applicable for both CE and UKCA markings. This decision ensures that previous product evaluations which verify compliance with regulatory standards will continue to support the legitimacy of applying these marks. The aim of these adjustments is to avoid the costs and logistical complications of reassessing products during the transition to Britain’s new regulatory framework post-Brexit. This extension not only aids manufacturers by providing continuity, but also streamlines the adaptation process to the UK-specific certification standards.